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Horndon History Hunt

Well House Gallery

Art Gallery.jpg

These days this shop is a popular art gallery, but until the late 1900s it operated as a grocers owned at different times by Tyrrells, Baymans, Pellings, Bonson, and the Co-op.

When Ray Tyrrell owned the store in the early 1900s it was a thriving business with a large delivery service and fourteen shop-men and boys, each of whom had a horse and cart. People came from miles around to place their orders.

The adjoining house to the left of this store, facing the Woolmarket, was formerly known as Montgomeries but is now named Oxley House and dates from the 15th century and contains the well from which the art gallery takes its name.


The alley between Oxley House and The Woolmarket is officially named The Square but is known by elderly residents of the village as 'Gobble Shoot' - we'll update this page when we find out why!

Words adapted from: Tinworth, W.M., Saffron Cider and Honey: A Town Trail of Horndon on the Hill, Horndon on the Hill Society (1985)

Photos provided by residents of Horndon on the Hill. To see full quality photos visit

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