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Horndon History Hunt

Horndon Windmill


Horndon's 19th century post mill – one of the earliest types of windmill – originally sat in the field behind Mill Cottage in Orsett Road which has since been developed into what is now Francis Close. The remains you see today consist of the brick pillars, the crosstrees and the tiled floor of the windmill.

The mill was built on top of a round house and post, which allowed it to be rotated so the sales could catch the wind. It's possible this mill was built in the 1700s, although records only detail owners from 1805 until 1898 when the mill fell into disuse.


The body was eventually taken down in 1917, however the brick base remained for a number of years and was used from 1931 until 1935 by the 1st Horndon on the Hill Scout Group as a base.

Words adapted from: Tinworth, W.M., Saffron Cider and Honey: A Town Trail of Horndon on the Hill, Horndon on the Hill Society (1985)

Photos provided by residents of Horndon on the Hill. To see full quality photos visit

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