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Horndon History Hunt

High House

High House.jpg

While a date panel on High House inscribed ‘W.K. 1728’ (possibly standing for William Kingsman) gives the impression this house was built in the early 1700s, some believe this building actually dates from the 16th century with the gates of seventeenth century origin, with the date referring to when the building was refronted giving it the look you see today.

If you look to the right of the entrance of High House you'll notice an old mounting block. This was used by equestrians who would step onto the block and climb up into the saddle. High House is a three-storied building and one can imagine that the dormer windows on the top floor were for the former servant's quarters.

These days High House forms part of The Bell Hotel, but notable former residents of this house include Phillip Conrad Vincent, inventor of the legendary Vincent motorbike who lived in High House with his uncle, the local vet. High House was also the residence of Eileen Fowler, known for her 1960s keep-fit TV programmes.

Words adapted from: Tinworth, W.M., Saffron Cider and Honey: A Town Trail of Horndon on the Hill, Horndon on the Hill Society (1985)

Photos provided by residents of Horndon on the Hill. To see full quality photos visit

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